Rules to Regard…

Rule #1: Thou Shalt Not Praise Thy Own Child.
It is late in the second half of a vital game and the score is tied against our arch-villain enemy. Your child performs a full speed sliding tackle to strip the ball from an attacker who eluded the keeper 3 feet in front of the goal. They do a pop-up slide and come to their feet without ever losing the ball. Juking and faking, they take a run up the touchline, leaving opponents sprawling in their wake and then, sensing that the whistle is about to blow, hit an off-foot shot from 35 yards that starts out 20 yards wide and hooks back just into the upper V to win the game.

Your reaction? A pleased smile. A little leap no more than 4 inches off the ground. No cries of “Where is Anson Dorrance when we really need him?” No matter your intent, shoveling plaudits on your own kid is seen as basically self-promotion, selfish, and destructive of team unity. Other parents will mutter darkly and cast jealous glances at you. 

Enjoy the game, give your child a hug, and allow the Coach’s and Referee’s to do their job. 

Written by: Tom Strock, President, Jackson Fury Soccer Club ,Submitted by Michael Cash, Owner, Farpost Soccer Company