Rules to Regard…

Rule #2: Thou Shalt Praise Other Parents’ Children.

The reason that you don’t have to praise your own child is that it is the sworn duty of the other parents to do it for you. In situation #1 they will give you high-fives, hug you, and generally declare that the spirit of Pele (or Mia Hamm) is being channeled by your child. When someone else’s child does anything ranging from mediocre to spectacular you will run up to them with similar comments, assuring them that international stardom is only a short time away, and that this is proof that the gene pool runs true.

When another child does something appallingly awful you are duty-bound to rush to the grieving parent to assure them that it wasn’t that bad, and that they’ve been having such a good game, they can be forgiven for one little goof.

Written by:  Tom Strock, President, Jackson Fury Soccer Club

Submitted by Michael Cash, Owner, Farpost Soccer Company