Rule #6: This Is Still a Game.

Despite the fact that each player’s family has invested a great deal of time and money in soccer, and they are hoping that soccer will help pay the college bills, it is still a game and if your child doesn’t enjoy it they will not play well – and maybe not at all. Ask yourself if what you do at games and practices and tournaments helps your child have fun and enjoy the game or adds pressure and worry. Ask yourself after the game if watching two teams of amazing, talented, fit, and eager young people was fun for you? If it wasn’t – if you found yourself criticizing, carping, upset, and unhappy – remember that there is enough pressure and stress involved with making a living and guiding your family through the challenges of modern life. Forget the calls, forget the score, forget the standings. Give your child a hug, tell them you love them, and be thankful for every day you have to share with them because they don’t stay kids very long.

Written by:  Tom Strock, President, Jackson Fury Soccer Club


Submitted by Michael Cash, Owner, Farpost Soccer Company