Great read! Mike Hodges article, ‘Resolutions Aren’t Just for the New Year!’

I agree setting individual goals is important, so children understand personal responsibility and not just go through the motions.  I used to be a boxer in my youth.  Individual sports make it clear to every child that they are directly responsible and accountable to themselves.

I can detect those children who are involved in individual athletic sports.  They go about their training; differently. They have a greater focus and, at times, get frustrated with themselves when they don’t get it right.

They apply principles and processes learned in non-team activities.  There is an additional value, cross-over, or transfer of learning skills.  They can be direct or indirect.  Most importantly, Michael has said about using more of the individual focus.  I couldn’t agree more!

I always built in at least 20 minutes of individual time.  It allows them the opportunity to train on their own.  This is as much about taking responsibility as it allows them time to develop learning skills.  The team should be greater than the sum of its parts.  Yes, teamwork is critical, but they add so much more when children bring their unique abilities to the mix.  They add personal accountability.