Karl, it’s just a matter of understanding the player’s age, cognitive and physical development.

The youth national was fantastic, and I know we’ve switched models. However, it’s still interesting to watch parents yelling at their kids. Like Pat says, what do you do? Well, you praise them and play them.

The lessons they will learn about making mistakes are essential. Their minds are molded, we know as educators through peers and parents’ peers. It’s so important to forget the “soccer” aspect and if they score in the opposite goal to still cheer. They’ll learn that later on.

I believe that 4-7 years of age is about social and physical development. Yes, at some point, the parents’ actions need to be addressed but not in public and in the correct way: the way we deal with these children will help shape a good and empathetic citizen. That’s so important to remember.

And, Just Let Them Play!      Qasim Sheikh

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