Remembering Margie Baxter

Koach Karl- I wanted to reply to the thoughtful message that you sent to my Mom, Margie Baxter who passed away in May, 2018 at the age of 80.

She was a recreation-level coach in CYSA from 1977 until the mid-1980s’ for Eaton soccer club and Hoover NFYSL in Fresno, as well as serving on boards and tournament committees. She was also a league registrar for many years I don’t recall which years or for how long though. 

She now has Grandsons in Florida who play competitive soccer as well. They take after my brother, Dave, who played for Eaton and Hoover in the 70s/80s.

Soccer was always a big part of her life. She had learned a lot from your coaching clinics and was dedicated to teaching skills and sportsmanship to newer and developmental players. She preferred that over the competitive teams.

I played from age 8 to 18 as a youth and still play to this day decades later. My daughter is a CYSA U16 player in the Mountain Area Youth Soccer League near Oakhurst, CA. Her team has been proud to be runners-up two years straight at the Founder’s Cup. Not bad for a group of mountain girls many who had never played in a tournament before.

Thank you again for the message and everything you do for the soccer community!

Cindy Stafford (Baxter)

“Margie along with Jackie Stagnaro, the late Peggy Renberg were instrumental in the start of girls soccer in the then Fresno Junior Soccer League, spent a lot of time going to schools and speaking during lunchtime.    Some really fun memories too, if the group were together today I guess we would be called “the Real Housewives of Fresno Junior Soccer League.”  – Linda SoRelle