Many things happen in the course of a season. Still, when you have loyal and dedicated volunteers pass away, we reflect on their lives as people and, of course, members of our CYSA/CalNorth and district families. The loss of our District Registrar Shirley Thompson and our CYSA Hall of Fame Member Tom Metry is hard to take. Both of these individuals were dedicated to the motto:

While attending the memorial service of Shirley time and time again, people stood up. They reflected on how their lives had been affected by her. Many people will also have great recollections about Tom as he helped many people over the years.

Then you look around and see that many dedicate themselves to putting “KIDS FIRST.”

I heard a coach in the flooded areas in the Salinas/Monterey area is working hard to get suits and dresses so the kids who lost everything in the floods can attend their senior prom. When asked why? This coach said, “Her coach helped her to get a cap and gown to graduate High School, and now it is her turn to help others!”

Soccer is a great sport that brings people together. “Team CYSA” is all of us, and I thank you for everything you do putting ‘KIDS FIRST” and letting them have FUN playing soccer.