Officials’ Errors Can Create Problems.

 There are situations during a match when officials respond to statements made by players or coaches in a way that inflames the situation.

Some officials will respond in a defensive way when it might have been better to ignore the comments or respond in a more professional, controlled and soothing manner.

Often these officials either end up creating a mountain out of a mole hill or add more fuel to the fire than necessary; causing the situation to escalate and possibly get out of control.  Seldom will a problem get resolved when an official’s reply is disproportionate to the comment made.

An official will never have a valid excuse for overreacting or losing his or her cool while officiating.

Officials are at times guilty of unsporting behaviors similar to those that carry penalties being assessed to players and coaches.  While player and coach misconduct cannot be condoned as a result of an official’s mistake, officials are expected to be mature enough to control their emotions when they are questioned.  An impolite response by an official is as much of an unsporting behavior as one committed by a player or a coach.

Officiating, coaching and playing demand emotional maturity from all the participants.  Any lack of maturity on the part of the participants contributes negatively to the goals and objectives of athletic competition.