Note to ALL D7 leagues, referee assignors and other interested individuals

D7 Grassroots Entry Level Referee Course

With the decision having been made to postpone all sports competitions, the D7 office decided to use this opportunity to sponsor a Grassroots referee course.

With schools being out and by making use of social media, leagues and referee assignors should have a much better chance of recruiting and starting to train referees before the start of competition.

The course has been paid for, it is listed on the website and is temporarily listed for completion on July 11.

Anyone 13 years or older may sign up NOW and start the online sessions.

Until all current virus-related restrictions are lifted, there is no official date or time limit for completing the online sessions at this time.  Therefore, the location and times of the REQUIRED field session within D7 will be determined later and passed on to those who are signed up.

Interested individuals should not procrastinate.  They should sign up as soon as possible and get the online sessions done as quickly as possible.

People 18 or older should focus first on getting their background check done to make sure they will be cleared prior to the field session.

There continues to be a shortage of referees and this is a good opportunity to beat the bushes and find some interested individuals.  Share this information with them.

Any questions please use the contact information below.

Patrick Ferre


(559) 280-3654