Recognizing and Dealing with Critical Game Control Incidents 

Officials often face a loss of game control when they fail to recognize and deal with certain incidents that happen during their games.  Some may seem minor or unimportant at first while others are immediately blatant.  In order to properly control a match, officials must recognize and deal with these incidents.

Challenging or Harassing the Goalkeeper:   This is a time when players, coaches and spectators quickly react to such acts and expect the referee to show concern and take appropriate action.  Because of their proximity to a goal these acts are very noticeable and widely observed.

The goalkeeper is offered some protection under the Laws of the Game but is more vulnerable to body contact due to the intensity of play in front of the goal.

One form of harassment often seen is when teammates of the goalkeeper will position themselves between the attackers and the goalkeeper and will take the keeper’s side in any confrontation.  If these situations are not handled properly, and the official does not get involved, the players will get involved and the official may be looking at a loss of control.

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Pat Ferre, USSF Referee Grade 15 Emeritus,USSF Referee Instructor,USSF Referee Assessor, USSF Referee Assignor.

District-7 Youth Referee Administrator (DYRA)