Hey my friends, I just wanted to wish all of you and yours a Happy New Year!

I am holding steadfast that we will be out of this craziness here in the near future. I know that we have had losses within our membership that hurts all of us, but I feel strongly that this will only make us stronger. So I would love to hear from anyone that wishes to discuss their loss. I am not a psychologist, but God gave me two ears and an ability to be attentive, so feel free to reach out to me if you would like to chat!!!

I would also love to have our membership give me some ideas for our future, like what’s going on in your community when we get a green light to return to see our kids out there on the pitch enjoying the world’s game… I visited one of our leagues’ sites, where they worked with their School District on the fields to prepare them by floating the fields and reseeding them. They looked beautiful and ready for the kids when the time permits them to take the field.

Another group is looking at reaching out for scholarship funding to allow them to scholarship the kids and help them with covering the cost for facility use.

I am here to help with any ideas like these few that I have mentioned, so let’s get ready because it’s not going to be much longer before we can get back to “Status Quo,” With A New Look, I feel strongly that we are in better shape for our future.

Thanks for your help, and I look forward to hearing from you!!!

Stay safe and Stay positive…….