Qualities/Traits of the “Model Youth Coach”

Jeff Tipping, former Director of Education for the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) and recipient of the FIFA Futuro Award, sent the following response after reading, ‘We Are Woefully Lacking In Qualified Coaches.’

“Maybe it’s time to specify the qualities/traits of the model “Youth Coach” and take it backwards from there!” And so, the initiative began with our surveying some of the top local, national, and international youth coaches/instructors.

Jeff starts the ball rolling as to what the qualities/traits of the “Model Youth Coach” can/should be with this initial response…

  1. Must have a cheerful disposition.
  1. Must have the ability to identify technical deficiencies in their players and know how to fix them.
  1. Must be able to identify tactical deficiencies in their players and know how to fix them.
  1. Must be able to demonstrate.
  1. Must be willing to work within a “Coaching Team.”
  1. Must watch lots of games and develop match analysis skills.
  1. Must have an understanding as to what skills players must have by a certain age.
  1. Must have a sense of humor (note the second “u” in the word “humor.”)
  1. Must be a good coach of coaches.
  1. Must have a good understanding of sportsmanship and understand referees make mistakes.
  1. Must have to read and absorb your FUNdamental website & books…. as I have!

God Bless America

God Save The Queen.

Koach Karl’s Notes: 

Thank You – Coach Tipping, for initiating this FUNtastic project! 

I hope you (reader) will look forward to reading, gleaning advice in future articles to improve yourself, and sharing ‘it’ with coaches in your soccer community. 

I also encourage you to join this discussion because your advice may help improve another youth soccer coach …Priceless…!