Summer Akkas!

Wait, is this another street soccer move and does it have a use in game play?

This month we want to share with you another valuable skill that can easily be practiced at home. It’s called an “akka” and describes moves that change the direction of the ball, and usually in the air. We use these moves to put the ball behind defenders who think they have the goal covered. We also use them to get out of tight spaces. The beauty to akkas is that there are many variations and they range from simple to complex. The learning curve is steep enough to be challenging for professionals down to youth players.

Speaking of which, a good age to begin practicing these moves is about 10 years old and up. Players should be able to flick the ball up rather easily so they can practice the moves. So here is a video clip that can be shared with your players, it consists of 5 examples in game play.

Top 5 Akka Goals Of The Week

Next, can you find the akka by the 11 yr old in this SISM highlight video? In this video we’re hosting a street soccer event for Telemundo and our special guest was Brazil’s Women’s national team player Sissi! I’ll give you a hint, you’ll find it around the 2 minute mark!

SISM, Sissi, and Telemundo!

Happy training and until next month!

Louie and the SISM team