“Parents Write A Letter To Your Coach…”

Parents Write A Letter To Your Coach…He/She will appreciate it.
If you don’t know what to say…Here is a format…
Coach (Insert Name),
I am writing to express my gratitude that my son/daughter (Insert Name) was given a chance to participate on your (Insert Team Name). My comments are based entirely on what my (son/daughter) related to me, as I was always working late during the season.
Based on what I heard, you are a great coach, with fantastic ability to work and communicate with youth – something that doesn’t come with even the highest coaching honor or license. It is a natural ability given to you.
(Insert Name) said that:
• You are his best coach ever
• You were very informative.
• At every practice session, (he/she) has learnt a new thing.
• You were very communicative, relaxed, and fair to all playersSoccer Coaches
• The practices and games were FUN!!!
As for me, the (soccer mom/dad), it was comforting that while I was working, I could close my eyes, and see my (son/daughter) running like crazy on the soccer field, learning, and having lots of fun. And what else could I ask for……?
Best regards,
(Insert Name)