So what do we have available in the world of Youth Soccer, well lots of opportunities are available if you go and find them.

Who are they available to:

League Administrators: 
  • Time to check your by-laws,
  • Make a post Covid 19 business plan,
  • Plan a marketing strategy to get players back,
  • Check you costs (can we offer programs for less cost to bring in more players),
  • Plus have a rapid start up plan.


  • Time to plan coaching sessions and strategies,
  • Time to get all your mandatory requirements done (Safe Sports and Head Injury to name a few).
  • Time to take coaching courses, US Soccer and others have on line courses.


  • Time to read Law changes, plus review the laws of the game,
  • Time to get your back ground checks and safe sports done,
  • Time to plan for post Covid 19 what will your role be,
  • Check in with your local assignor or referee area administrator.


  • Check what conditioning is recommended,
  • Work on your skills,
  • Watch as many games as you can,
  • Check on line self-help forums to increase your knowledge and skill,
  • Consider taking a referee course, we will new referees when we return to play.


  • There will be soccer, plan to be ready,
  • Consider reading the rules of play, or become a referee,
  • Take a Coaching Course you could be the next Coach or Assistant Coach for your team,
  • Read up on side line behavior, be the next role model for players and parents,
  • Talk to your League and be prepared to volunteer.

The Future:

We will have the OPPORTUNITY to play again? Yes, in the near future, but we will all need to be prepared. The post Covid 19 world will come with restrictions and policies meant to protect our players and families.

One thought is thick masks for fans might be a perfect answer to teach respect for the players and officials.