Dear All,

In this year of frustration we find ourselves wondering: when will we play, where will we play and what will be the future of the game we love.

As I read 2 articles out of the English Premier League I get reminded what Soccer should be all about.

One professional player took the down time during injury and Covid to benefit thousands of children by making sure they had food.

The other ended his life when his dreams were shattered, as he was released by his Club.  This young man was 17 years old.

Relating this to what we do in Youth Sports, what is your goal as a Leader whether Coach, Parent or Administrator?

  • Is it, win at all costs and only play my “best players”?
  • Is it, select teams to pick the few and discard the rest?
  • Is it playing all my players so all have a chance?
  • Or do we create as many teams so giving all players a chance to play?

Only you can answer these questions.

But, our goal should always be to adapt in all circumstances so that all our players get to; Play soccer; Love the game; Be with friends; Meet new friends and along the way Learn Life Skills.