As we approach the Holiday Season, I would like to wish you all the best as you spend time with family and friends

Talking about spending time with family and friends I have been able, over the last 2 weekends, to spend time with many of you at the Lemoore Sports Complex during District Cup.  There were many familiar faces and many new but what an enjoyable way to spend time watching the kids play.

We had 2 sites in District Cup Lemoore Sports Complex hosted by Lemoore Youth Soccer League and Tioga Middle School hosted by North Fresno Youth Soccer League. Thank you to both Leagues you did a spectacular job for the players, coaches and parents. I know that other Leagues offered support for example Valley in Lemoore and East Fresno at Tioga so to all thank you so much.

In the last addition of Komments I talked about what WE can do, I am happy to say WE did it, the initial District Cup which has been a great event, to bring our Leagues together as a District, WE had teams from Oakhurst to Avenal and Madera to Reedley. We had referees from all over D7, Madera, Fresno, Kingsburg and Visalia just to name a few.

So our mantra for 2020 must be WE can create the programs etc. to increase the number of children playing in this wonderful sport, WE can create ways to educate both parents, coaches and referees. WE can develop ways to make signing up to be a coach or referee one stop and easy.