Thank You & More…

I just wanted to say, Thank you!! to all that participated in our District 7 Playing Program Fall Season. Thanks to the efforts of all involved, I believe it was by far one of our best seasons to date. But on that note I’m really looking forward to our upcoming Spring League Season.

I am doing some research with a couple of our bordering districts to see about trying to bring back the CCSL for our teams, or doing something on our own similar to the CCSL, we will be looking at play weekends at one neutral site to help with the quality of travel.

On that note for those of you who may be traveling to one of our local District tournaments or a State events here in the near future, please remember to leave plenty of time to get to your destination, and please don’t text and drive because you have some very precious cargo onboard your vehicle!!!

Thanks for your support and have a great Holiday Season!!!