Nobody is Perfect

Human beings make mistakes.  It is a part of life.

Yet, many coaches, players, parents and others who attend sporting events expect officials to be perfect.

Like players and coaches, officials strive for perfection.  They do all they can to make the right decisions and make the correct calls in order to have a perfect game.  On the field of play, no matter how hard they all try, it is very unlikely that they will reach their goal.

Do coaches make the best decisions for their team and coach a perfect game?  Do players perform flawlessly, both individually and as a team, during a match?  The obvious answer to these questions is NO, but are these people held to the same standards as the officials?

Officials get paid for knowing the rules and enforcing them as spelled out in the Laws of The Game.  They also are paid for making correct decisions.  Officials are therefore accountable for both judgment calls and enforcing the Laws of the Game.

Incorrect enforcement of the Laws is unacceptable and should not happen.  Officials are paid and are expected to know and study the Laws.  Not following and enforcing them puts the individual’s integrity into question no matter how much experience he/she brings to the game.  Incorrect enforcement of the Laws of the Game are indefensible mistakes.