New Year’s Resolutions for Coaches


If I develop the individual, I will be developing my team. I resolve to work out individual plans for each player and set clear goals with an action plan to help each one realizes those goals. I will jot down points about each player at the end of every game.


I resolve to play every player in every position on the field during the year. I might have the next Sergio Ramos in my squad, but if he only plays upfront for the team, how will I ever discover him?


I promise myself that I will set an example on and off the field throughout the year. Be friendly, respectful, confident, understanding, disciplined, responsible, timely, sporting, and committed. Be the ideal sideline coach who always encourages players – whether they win, lose or draw.


I will select one aspect of play at the start of the year that I want to work on to help with my players’ development. For instance, my target could be improving set pieces to broaden their variety and increase their success rate


I promise that I will continue to learn and develop as a coach. I can add to my knowledge base by going on courses that increase my understanding of the game. There is always more I can learn and new ideas that I can take on board to help expand my coaching influence.


As a coach, I can inspire my players at training, prior to games, at half-time, and after the game. I will make sure that I give my players the kind of messages that will motivate them to give their best and help them love the game.


Whatever resolutions I make, I will celebrate each milestone and phase of success as it happens, be it letting in fewer goals, making the first tackle, or scoring the first goal. Success doesn’t happen overnight – I must work hard for it, plan for it, and believe it will come.


Every failure is a chance for me to improve – and for my players to improve otherwise; how do they learn, develop and attain their goals. I will create an atmosphere where mistakes are not seen as something wrong. I will resolve to stress that it is okay for my players and me to make mistakes.


I will resolve to give challenges to my players that make training fun and educational. I will listen to their feedback, as it is invaluable advice that only they can give me. They will tell me if the session works or if it is boring.


It may sound obvious, but I make these resolutions to make sessions FUN as that is the best way to get my coaching points across. I will also make sure players return the following week and hope to make them think that I am the best coach they ever had.

Dave Clarke