New Coaches Challenge for Parents and Players:

Training conditions and Limits of Training Right Now…

At this time of year (normally, this year is the exception); our kids are out of school and playing their sports throughout the summer (both training and competition). This year has been vastly different with everyone’s lives knocked out of normalcy due to Covid-19 conditions. We, in the soccer community, understand the challenges that have occurred (up to this point) as well as the challenges of getting our lives to return to ‘normalcy’.

  As we return to that routine of normalcy; there are some things that we need to remember and adapt to the current routine. Leagues (over the last 2 weeks) have been told that Cal North is following US Soccer’s Return to Play guidelines, in accordance to CDC, State, and County Health guidelines. There are many entities that coaches need to research to getting these kids back on the field playing. Coaches need to get in touch with their League representatives to ensure with level of guidelines they need to follow with getting their teams back on the field safely.

In our District; we have several counties within our sphere of influence. Each county are at different phases of guidelines. For example; Kings County may be at a different level of guidelines as Madera County may be at currently. This poses a difficult challenge (that is COMPLETELY out of our hands Leagues and District wise) for our coaches. However; our common sense (as both coaches and parents) should kick and do what seems be in the best interest of all involved.

Coaches: find out from your Leagues representatives where the limits of these guidelines are. Ask for written copies so you can CONTINUALLY reference them during your training sessions. Parents; if your kids are showing symptoms of ‘summer colds’, allergies, and other similar symptoms that may cause for concern, please keep them home and safe away from their teammates and families. Error on the side of caution (at this particular time).

This may seem very taxing for all involved (coaches and parents), but it is what we need to follow so county officials don’t impose any further restrictions to Leagues for non-compliance. Everybody needs to do their part for us to get through this challenge sooner and safer for all.

One last thing coaches: NO county is at a level of guidelines that would return your team to competition level (scrimmages or games). They are still at individual with distancing training levels. Please do not have those kids scrimmaging and playing too soon. You never know who is watching and reporting to your county officials about potential risks.

Please be Safe and have FUN.