To all: Soccer players, Parents and League Administrators…

My message to everyone is be safe and well.  These are changing times, for many of us wanting to play soccer.  We find that the State of CA, our counties, cities and school districts have closed fields and parks.

We all want to play! We all need to play!  But right now we cannot. We will! When will that be?  I do not know.  My crystal soccer ball does not show me that part of the future.

We have to plan to play, read through the piles of information and misinformation, somewhere there is an answer.

Soccer is back on TV!  Players and coaches are on the screen.  Sadly the stadiums are empty, but we have soccer. When will you be playing? Nobody knows for sure, but we will.

We all need to do our part: washing our hands, wearing our masks and avoiding large groups of people. So, I guess we can say we are all a team, our match has started, we will kick covid and at full time we will win. To win means back to practice and eventually play.

Remember Kick Covid Wear a Mask!