Moves to Beat a Defender

Learn ground moves to manipulate a defender, shift their weight, open up passing lanes, and much more.

We’re excited to see restrictions easing across the U.S., which means we get to play more! Over the past several months, we’ve shared tips on individual training you could do in your driveway or even inside your house. Now we get to share some of the best challenges you can do with a friend who‘s finally able to come and visit.

So you’ve been working on your skills, now let’s put them to use. Many people may have seen advertisements for “ball-handling skills” or fast footwork. The problem is that many of these skills aren’t meant to teach you how to beat an opponent or get around them. They simply give you more touches on the ball, which is fine if you don’t mind doing twice the work. (P.S. There’s no time to do the work twice.) On the other hand, our ground moves show how to manipulate a defender and get them to open up passing lanes, shift their weight to the wrong side, and enable us to put the ball where we want it.

So as we move into the upcoming months, get working on your 1v1 street soccer game! Place your goals about 3 feet apart, or use pop-up goals if you have them. And place your goals 6-8 yards apart. This isn’t a running exercise; it’s all about attacking and defending. And here’s your video example to enjoy! You won’t see a sole roll, and you won’t see toe touches to the top of the ball here. You’ll see akkas, pannas, now go out and practice and dominate those around you!

See video here:

Until next time!

Coach Louie and the SISM team