It is midseason and the excitement established in early season practices has worn off and become a memory of what seemed to be a pleasing past. Doom and Gloom enter your thoughts as you prepare for the next Practice. Wins and losses, injuries and complaints, excuses and fibs cloud your thought pattern.

You stopped looking forward to holding practices seems like years ago. You just wish that the season could end — Right Now! Even ‘Dear Abby’ is unable to give you comforting advice on how to bring back the early season practice excitement.

But – Wait! You still have your Manual, Book, and personal notes from the D-7 Recreation coaching course you attended. You search, and you search, and nothing seems to jump out that can resolve your current dilemma. Where is that Magic Formula that made all those early-season practices flow like a dream?

There is/was no Magic Formula. You and your players developed your Magic Formula, which made the early season practices exciting.

The purpose of the Recreational coaching courses, and the 9-Step Practice,  are to give you a framework and structure you can use to make your team better –even though it may have seemed like we attempted to prescribe or dictate a detailed agenda.

We provided you with details not to limit your freedom and judgment. Still, we gave you as much information as possible so that you might fully understand how these ideas can be practiced. We hope you will realize and learn that judgment and flexibility are key in all important undertakings.

The Practice-Flow we asked you to follow was not meant to prescribe or dictate how you develop your players or team. It was simply a structure the D-7 Recreation Instruction Staff have found helpful with youth teams of every age and ability. But remember that every situation is a little different and requires a measure of judgment, even on the part of the coach. 

So don’t be afraid to deviate from the Practice-Flow or anything else taught in the course. Start thinking outside the box best to best serve your players’ needs and your unique situation.