Making a Positive Impact on the Future

In the early afternoon of Sunday, October 4, I received a phone call from Linda SoRelle (Assistant Commissioner of D7).  An unexpected Sunday phone call from Linda got my mind wondering about the reason for her call.  Not knowing what I was going to hear, I was a bit anxious when I heard her voice.  To my surprise, she was calling to let me know that at the CYSA/Cal North Board of Directors and Commissioners meeting that was held that morning, I had been selected as the D-7 and Cal North State Volunteer of the Year. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that she and D7 Commissioner John Hodgson had secretly entered my nomination and Linda wanted to be the first to let me know that I was the recipient of the award.

I was, and still am, deeply honored and thankful to have been recognized as D-7 and Cal North “State Volunteer of the Year!”

 I enjoy volunteering to help the D7 soccer program.  Soccer has always been my number one sport.  As I look back at all my years of playing, refereeing and volunteering in various capacities I realize that without the volunteers, I never would have had the experiences that lead to many precious memories.

Why should one become a volunteer in any capacity in any organization?

Anyone who volunteers can look forward to countless benefits, such as:

  • Avoiding isolation
  • Having a sense of purpose
  • Making new acquaintances and friends
  • Providing a break from everyday routines
  • Understanding what it takes to run a successful organization
  • Enjoying personal satisfaction and pleasure from helping others
  • Giving back to any community that provided your personal memories
  • Having fun while watching participants have a meaningful experience.
  • Showing people the impact that volunteer actions have on their community

Players, coaches and referees are needed for games but, without volunteers performing many necessary tasks before, during and after each game, the future of any soccer program would be in jeopardy.

Those who like to participate in or just enjoy watching an activity should realize that the need for volunteers is always there as they are the real backbone behind the success of any organization.

People who came before us obviously spent their own time and energy to make it fun, exciting and memorable for us.  It is now our turn to keep it exciting and fun for the next generation.  Are you ready to help make a positive impact on the future?