“Losing Sucks”

Players/Coaches/Parents “Losing Sucks”. There is just no other way to frame it.

In your life, there will be many things that you invest yourself in — be it financially in a business or the stock market, physically in a job or sport (soccer). No matter what it is, you will sometimes lose … and that’s ok.  It will hurt.

It may bruise your ego or lessen your confidence. It could make you cry, or make you angry. It may cause you to go silent and avoid the outside world, or it could make you want to scream at everyone you see. But, that’s all ok. You will be ok.

People around you may not understand what losing means to you. You may be made fun of. You might be told to “suck it up”. You might even be called a loser.  That’s all ok. You’re going to be fine.

Losing, and the emotions that you experience as a result of it, are normal. When you lose, you should be prepared to accept it, honor it and move on.

The world today is going to try to protect your feelings by convincing you that even when you lose, you still win. I’m sorry, but the world is wrong. And, it would be a disservice to you to tell you any different.  This isn’t how life works.

Life doesn’t care about your feelings. You won’t be getting a medal when you lose a game. Always remember you are NOT entitled to victory. Victory is earned. And, even when you give it your best, that still may not be good enough. And, that’s ok.

Losing isn’t fun, but that doesn’t mean winning is everything either. You don’t need to be the best of everyone, you only need to be the best of you. Focus on the experience and less on the result. Learn everything you can along the way. Losing builds character and makes you a better you. Losing gracefully makes you a better player.

Take big risks often, follow the path less travelled and don’t be afraid to fail. Do those things with confidence and conviction and I promise you that the victories will taste even sweeter.

Losing sucks, but always remember … That’s OK.

Written by Dana Severson is the Director of Marketing at Promoter.io 


The Outcome of Our Children Is Infinitely More Important

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