Looking Forward

As 2021 comes to an end.

It is time to look back on the achievements of 2021 and look forward to 2022.

This year’s goal was to get at least 10,000 players registered. Playing, coming out of Covid 19 restrictions, plus the uncertainty of the future, made this task a challenge. District-7 Leagues stepped up and registered 11,000 plus players; final numbers are not in yet.

In this season of reflection and time with family and friends, we need to realize this family called CYSA District-7 is truly a family built in soccer for the good of the many children in our District that love and have fun playing soccer. 

All this is not possible without all the administrators, coaches, referees, and parents who make this happen daily.

As stated at the last D-7 meeting in November, I am extremely proud to know and represent you all as the Commissioner. 

Looking forward to 2022.

We have Spring Leagues throughout the District, the new Game Day Facilitator course, which will increase our pool of referees and officials. Yes, a much-anticipated change to the Got Sport registration platform will offer better and easier registration and game-day coordination once integrated.

I wish You and Your Families All the Best for the Holiday Season. Christmas and New Year offer times to relax and recharge for 2022.