Letter to the Editor

Koach Karl,

It is good to see that you are continuing to work on creating a better playing environment for players in the USA. However, if children are treated like professional players something is going into a very bad direction and that will also not be easy to change. My daughter studied in Florida (Gainesville) when she was 17 and from here we learnt how competitive school was at that time (1991-1992). With ‘best student’ of the week; ‘best football player of the week;’ etc. How can you change a ‘culture’?

The advantage of my country is that it is very small and that we travel max four hours to get from the north to the south or west to east. The other advantage is that our Association is leading in vision, strategy and promotion of the game. After the generation of Van Persi, Robben, Van de Vaart, Schneider, etc. we now produce van Dijk and Wijnaldum (Liverpool) , Hakim Ziyech (Chelsea),  Delpay (Lyon) and more.

My friend, Rob Baan, shares facts that have kept Dutch soccer at the forefront of player and coach development. (Click here to read them!)