Reading “Karl’s Komments” about what to do in Corona-time for individual players; it struck me that most advise pointed in the direction of working on ball control skills and fitness.

There is nothing wrong, of course, with that advise; however, we must not forget that  the most important skills  to use in our game are:

Passing – Receiving (and Scoring)

Soccer is a game of passing and receiving; bringing the ball as a team from one end of the field to the other resulting in a scoring opportunity.

Being fit and controlling the ball are of course also important tools in personal soccer development; but you need to always have in mind that these skills need to be learned in order to make it possible to pass a ball to another player; to come forward in the most efficient way to create chances and scoring opportunities. In every training session you need to focus at least 25% of the time on passing and working on finishing the ball in a goal with net.

Once again soccer is  a passing game. There can be no training session without passing, receiving and scoring. We have more than enough examples in professional soccer that show us how important passing is;  More important then any other skill.

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