Here is an example of a common situation and a solution:

Coaches Who Create Least Effective Learning Environments:

Solution: Ask yourself: Does it happen in the game?  If the answer is YES – then do it in practice.  If the answer is NO – then don’t do it in practice.  Appropriate soccer activities have to be your main objective when planning and running a practice session.  You need to remember that, ‘players’ come to practice to ‘play soccer’ and not soccer related games

A flexible plan such Karl Dewazien’s FUNdamental  ‘9-Step Practice’ fulfills this goal by giving you the guidance to organize:

  1. Individual (1vs.1 games)
  2. Small Group (i.e. 2vs.1; 2vs. 2; 3vs.1; 3vs. 2 etc. games)
  3. Large Group (i.e. 5vs. 5; 5vs. 4; 5vs. 3 etc. games) and…
  4. Team games (scrimmage)

Our job as a coach, as Mark O’Sullivan says, “Is not to correct everything, it is to observe them solving the problems themselves.”

Please let’s stop making decisions without asking, “Does this serve the needs of the children/players playing soccer?”

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