An Unadulterated Debate

As we debate at the District level the thoughts on Running-up the Score vs. the Mercy Rule.

The World Cup reporting has fueled more thoughts as I read reports I saw headlines such as “Germany Thrashes” but the score was 4-0. Other such comments were made over 5-0 and 6-0 scores. If the professionals are being thrashed at 4-0, what do you think our kids feel?

District has a 6-0 mercy rule as approved by the D7 Board of Directors, some complain, some think it fair.

Now let us think about the one match that was 13-0, what you have to decide, was keeping the hammer down when the score was 7-0 justified?  Was humiliating the opponent justified? When would you as a coach, player or parent think that it was time to slow down? Only you can decide.