An Aspiration

See a strong, solid oak tree as the aspiration. To get to this aspiration, you must plant an acorn. The acorn takes nutrients from the rich soil and takes nurturing from the environmental conditions such as rain and sunshine. Under the correct circumstances, the acorn will grow into the oak tree.

The youth athlete takes on a sport with their aspiration, be it for the social, physical and mental aspects or to become an elite or professional player.

The coaching the youth receives can be seen as the soil to the acorn. It will provide technical, tactical and physical principles to develop growth. The better the coaching; the better the soil.

The parents’ involvement can be seen as the environmental conditions. Too much or too little of a certain element may inhibit the growth of the youth athlete. With the correct balance, the athlete will be encouraged to grow towards their aspirations.

The moral here is, as much as youth players need to take on knowledge and ideologies from their coaches to reach their ambitions, they need appropriate nurturing from their parents to grow towards their goals. I feel the parents’ role is crucial in influencing the growth and development of a youth athlete.

And I feel that …

“The outcome of our children is infinitely more important
Than the outcome of any game they will ever play!”
– Koach Karl Dewazien –