Your coaching sessions don’t end when they end! In fact, they never end! Your players carry them when they leave the pitch and the training ground.

And they continue to rehearse them at home and process them the next day at school, at College, or at work. Your players carry your sessions with them – Always!

Every activity you do leaves a mark on their brains and their nervous systems. They stay there. They amalgamate with traces of the previous, the past. Creating a cocktail of comparisons that fuse every action, every skill, every thought, and every feeling together to initiate learning.

What does this mean?

It means that every word you say, counts. Every silence matters. Every activity influences. Every action is meaningful. Every problem you set occupies space within them forever.

Being coached is an experience. Give them an experience. An experience provides information. It wraps action in emotion. It exacts a look at a stretch and provides an environment of support. It’s not boring. It’s not standing around. It’s not just being told what to do. It’s participation. It’s being involved.

Those are the marks to leave on their mind. Those are the experiences they want to remember forever!

Dan Abrahams

 Sport Psychologist – Dan Abrahams Sport Psychology Ltd



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