Learn from the Pros

Watching the bumpy road Lionel Messi treads every time the World Cup comes around is this the final hurray to this great player. He will join Johann Cruyff as a player who graced the sport but never won a World Cup.

Emotionally it must be difficult living in Spain and like most patriots love his Argentina and especially when the World Cup comes over the horizon. With it comes all the trappings & comparisons of past teams & great players especially Maradona. Like previous great players to leave their homeland they have found glory and wealth in Europe. However the difference between Maradona & Messi is that only Maradona maintained  a strong relationship with his homeland whereas many would consider Messi more Spanish especially when results go south.

I hope Argentinians appreciate Lionel as he is great ambassador for his country. He is not like no other and goes about his trade as only he can – a brilliant footballer without all the hype. Literally his shoes do all the talking.  

He still has another World Cup in him and for him to lead a great soccer nation to glory would be a fitting climax to a great career.