Kick Off to a New Year

In fields of green where dreams take flight,

With cleats laced up under the sunlight.

The youth in jerseys, passion in their eyes,

A soccer family where camaraderie lies.

As the clock ticks down to the year’s last game,

Cheers and goals, the echoes of fame.

The field is a canvas, each player an artist,

Creating moments and memories to persist.

With the whistle blown, the old year retires,

A trophy of lessons, of triumphs, and fires.

The turf is a stage where friendships grow,

In the world of soccer, the youth spirits glow.

With a ball at their feet and hopes in the air,

They dribble through challenges, a victory to declare.

Teammates and coaches, a bond so strong,

In unity and skill, they all belong.

The New Year approaches with promises anew,

A fresh set of goals and dreams to pursue.

To the youth soccer stars, with passion so clear,

May your victories be many, your setbacks mere.

On this journey of goals, both big and small,

May teamwork prevail and friendships stand tall.

With each kick, each goal, let joy reign supreme,

Happy New Year, D-7 Dream Team!