Keepie Uppie & Chatboree…

A movement in which you bounce a ball off any part of your body, except your hand or arm, in order to prevent it from hitting the ground.

Keepie Uppie is a good individual exercise during this time of Covid lockdowns for anyone hoping to keep up with some of their soccer skills.

It is a great way of individually challenging your players: – see who can do the most before the ball hits the ground; how many can do this exercise for 30 minutes plus.

This exercise can be done any time but is especially useful while we are in the lockdown phases of covid.

Where I was brought up, you often saw that anyone on their own with a ball would be either standing still playing Keepie Uppie or walking somewhere trying to keep the ball off the ground for as long as possible while moving forward.

Many professional and non-professional soccer players have posted videos of themselves doing Keepie Uppie, often incorporating tricks like stopping the ball on the nape of the neck and then starting it all off again.

It is quite mesmerizing to watch and see all the different parts of the body the ball can bounce from and the player anticipating where the ball will drop so they can tap it up again.

Keepie Uppie could also describe what we should be doing with the news!

Where are the forest fires?

What is the latest position on covid?

What impact has it had on some of our players, teams, opponents?

What does that mean for us, as far as condition training, practice, or playing?.

What do the fires mean for our air quality, which then has an impact on our conditioning and practice?

What news has come out of CYSA?  Do you know?

Well to find out, tune into our District Soccer Chatboree.

This is open to anyone interested in what has been happening and what is hoped to happen with regards to soccer under CYSA.

In-house teams – why do you need to know about CYSA?

Well your League is part of the CYSA family.  You are part of this ‘family’ and you have access to the District staff.  If you wish to chat or have support from us, you are entitled.

This Chatboree is a time for us to re-introduce ourselves and for you to tell us what we can do for you.

Part of your registration fees go to affiliate you to CYSA (State level and District level), whatever level of play you are within your League.

Do you know what those fees are spent on?

Do you know what events were held by CYSA at State and District level?

Do you know what is being worked on for the time covid restriction are lifted?

In order for soccer to be successful again post covid, join our Soccer Chatboree and hear from the District Commissioner and a couple of other District Staff AND have your say.

We need your participation and for you to Keepie Uppie regarding what is happening and for us to Keepie Uppie with your needs.