Just The Beginning

Wrapping things up, it’s been incredible to witness the excitement surrounding our SOCCERevolution! Many of you have been absolutely FUNtastic with your feedback, and it’s crystal clear that we’re laying down the groundwork for a brighter future in youth soccer.

We’re not just making minor adjustments to the rules anymore—we’re giving the game a complete makeover. It’s all about those U-6 to U-12 kids scoring tons of goals and fostering a lifelong passion and love for the game.

But guess what? This is just the beginning! To truly benefit our young players, we need to keep the conversation and momentum going strong. Do you have an idea or komment burning a hole in your brain?

Send it my way today at … koachkarl@fundamentalsoccer.com

Here’s to a future where every kid who steps onto the field feels the thrill of the game and the pure joy of playing, all because of our collective efforts! Cheers to that! 🎉

And always Remember….