There is a great British Soccer Song – when England plays in the World Cup or Euro’s, it is all you hear … “It’s coming home, it’s coming home, Football’s coming home” (In case you would like to play ‘it’ on your piano J )

WE can now sing that song in many ways; as we are moving well out of covid, our Soccer is definitely at home in our Leagues and District-7.

We have had an excellent Spring 2022 District League, but we are almost at full-time – will there be time added on?  We look forward to the last few games remaining in Spring League and any other tournaments you and your team are down to play in.  I know of two upcoming events, Cinco de Mayo and the CYSA sanctioned tournament in Lemoore – see the Cal North website for dates.

We have our first Cinco de Mayo CYSA/Cal North tournament on May 7th & 8th. It is being organized with the help of the Mexican Embassy.

The number of teams we have entered in the event and the work our Leagues, District, and State organization has put into this event will ensure it is a success. We are looking forward to seeing Soccer showcased in District 7.

If you are not playing in the event but can visit the Fresno Regional Sports Park (previously affectionately called The Dump) on May 7th or May 8th, please drop by and support the young people enjoying Soccer.

And finally, an announcement from the District 7 Playing Program —

Our Playing Program Chair is discussing shaking up the format a little – news on that when it breaks!

We already have our Fall Dates agreed upon by the Board of Directors of District 7.  Is your team hoping to play again or join our Fall league for the first time?  Then, please put these dates in your calendar.

The exact Dates for Fall will be posted on the D7 website, but it will run from Saturday, September 10th to November 20th, 2022.  Application forms will be on the website at the end of the Summer.

Enjoy Your Spring, and Here Is to Keeping “SOCCER at HOME!” in District 7..!