Humorous Interactions We Miss

Everyone says that we have the kid’s best intentions towards their development as players. Still, some situations create tension towards this common ‘goal.’ I recall conversations that I’ve had with parents and coaches on this subject and had to smile and chuckle.

You are probably aware that most kids will start getting back to training, resume their development as players in both practice and games. With the extended time off, we have taken a ‘pause’ from communicating with each other.  The timing of conversations between coaches and parents may create unnecessary ‘tensions’ early in return to play.

For avoidance’s sake, I urge everyone in D-7 to make time to watch the following videos.

Parent Chat with Coach                        Soccer Dads Chat

Listen closely to the exchanges, and like me, you may want to watch them several times but from a different perspective.

As you watch these videos, coaches think about the best ways to have these conversations yourself. Parents, you may want to reflect if you are like the parents in the videos. Most importantly, hopefully, everyone will watch these videos from their kids’ (players) perspective and see the pressure we may put on them.

Enjoy the time with getting the kids back on the field but be patient and understanding of everyone involved. It will take time to get back to the form they were in before this extended time off due to COVID. Good luck and enjoy!!!