Happy New Soccer Year

This is the time of year many of the Leagues in District 7 have the fun event called “The Annual General Meeting” !!

On that day hundreds of volunteers show up to offer their services to the players and leagues.

A few are elected to fill positions from League President to Snack Bar Coordinator and the Board get together to plan and budget for the upcoming season(s).

Let’s talk about the upcoming season ….What are YOUR goals as an individual board member?  What are the collective goals of the board ? .

Do you set goals ? …. Do you have key performance indicators (KPI) ?

What should those goals be?

And leading from those goals what should the goals be for your District?

Think about what goals the District as a whole should set for this year.  What as a District do we need to achieve, to further benefit the players, that are signed up or are about to sign up to play and have FUN.

Please send your suggestions to the District 7 office.