Dear District 7 Leagues,

This is the time of year many of the Leagues in District 7 have the fun event called “The Annual General Meeting”!!  This is when hundreds of amazing volunteers come together to lend a hand to our players and leagues.

At the meeting, some folks will be chosen for important roles, like League President or Snack Bar Coordinator. Meanwhile, our Board will gather to plan and budget for the next season.

As we gear up for this special event, let’s dream up an awesome season together! Let’s chat about what’s coming up:

Your Individual Goals:

What unique contributions do you want to make? Share your personal goals for the season.

Collective Board Vision:

Let’s outline our shared goals as a board—streamlining, enhancing, and growing together.

Goals and KPIs:

Do you set personal goals with Key Performance Indicators? Let’s discuss how we measure success individually and as a team.

District-Wide Impact:

What can District 7 achieve this year to benefit every player? Let’s brainstorm ideas.

Share your thoughts with the District 7 office.

Your input will shape our 2024 season!