Spring Play – District Playing Program

The end of December and parts of January have given us much-needed rain, for which many will have given thanks. Not only does this rain help our water supplies and agriculture, but it will also help the soccer fields we play on.

League Soccer is back on our TVs after the break for the World Cup. We can enjoy the EPL and the FA Cup, Bundesliga, La Liga, MLS, and Liga MX, all from the comfort of our homes but with the temperatures getting warmer. The nights getting lighter, and our thoughts turn to Spring.



The District’s deadline for entry to the 2023 Spring League is upon us, and we are all looking forward to a good season.

Our Playing Program Chairperson, Diego, is still working on bringing about 4 Distinct Areas within the Playing Program, which would mean less travel and transport costs when brought in. Also, with the help of the District(s) and the State, he hopes to get some extra competitions for our teams in District 7.

Spring League has always been when teams and coaches try out new ideas and play for the fun and the love of the game. We are so looking forward to this season.



Please, if you have not done so, get your team into the District Spring League 2023.


Thank you!