Goals, Goals, and more Goals

Yes, it’s the time of year to think about Goals.

How many GOALS will your players or team score? Hopefully, every player will score a goal, giving every player plenty of playing time.

  • – I mention playing time after talking to a concerned parent whose son was chosen for an All-star U12 Baseball Team. They went to many after-season events. Parents paid for hotels and multiple return car journeys ($6.00+ a gallon).  If he was lucky, this player got an at-bat once per game. So out of a total of 16 games, 96 innings of baseball, the player 11 years old got 7 plate appearances plus 10 innings in the field.  Parents paid the same as every other parent. I know THIS would NEVER happen in soccer!  When parents pay the same amount of money for their child to play, there is an expectation for a reasonable amount of field time. Let all kids play and let us grow the game.

GOALS time is now to check your equipment. Do you have all your Goals, Nets, Corner Flags, and Paint? This year paint is in short supply; many of your favorite colors are hard to find.

Registration GOALS let us score in a big way and get as many players as possible back on the fields. Last week I set a goal for our Leagues of 15,000 players. Let us win by beating that GOAL. For 2 or more years, we have been locked down and masked. Now we know we need fresh air and activity to clear our minds. To me, SOCCER is the perfect medicine for a pandemic. Let’s make a difference in the lives of as many children as possible.

Thank you all for helping our kids score goals. In soccer, we have the perfect tool. In our Leagues and Association, We Have the Right People!