From D-7 Playing League Chairman

“Thank You”, to those who attended our workshops, which were a total success. In the first we covered several new policies put in place by the D7 BOD’s. We also covered policies that have been in place since I became a committee member 11years ago. The new policies are things that the BOD’s put into place as a suggestion of the Playing Program Committee… #1- Mercy rule #2- A fine schedule for no shows #3- Time frame for sendoff aka “Red Card” report to be to the D7 office by Monday following the weekend of play or as it is known as a 24hour report. #4- Time frame for “Game Rosters” aka “Game Cards” to be turned into the D7 office by Tuesday following the weekend of play.

The second workshop for your Referee Assignors was also very positive. I would like to thank Mr. Pat Ferre for his help. Mr. Ferre, had been trying to get us together for several years and was thrilled at the number in attendance. He enthusiastically discussed the present state of the referee world in our state and helped cover policy topics such as: #1- Mercy rule. #2- Appearance of our referees.  We will expect referees to be dressed to the expectations of CNRA. #3- Promoting of District 7 sponsored Referee Grade 9 classes. (See ‘Mark Your Calendar below)

All discussions, in my opinion, were very positive and indicated that we were all on the same page to provide a better playing environment for our youth.  I’m a firm believer that ‘a step forward’ with everyone agreeing is a step that has a 50% chance of being in the right direction!!

Side Note: My good friend Mr. Pat Ferre was given a  2 1/2 hour time frame for his presentation and finished in 2 hours.. This, in my humble opinion, is a true sign that our soccer gods are shining upon us all…!!

Just kidding!! Love you Pat….:)


Mark Your Calendar

What:     D-7 Sponsored Referee Grade 9 Class 

Where:  Selma Senior Center at 2301 Selma St. Selma CA. 93662

When:   March, 5, 2017               Time: 8:00-5:00 

How to Register:  Click here and follow the instructions

Please spread the word and send your youth as well as any adults to attend this one day class. Thank you for your support, and let’s make this a success for our district sponsorship.  Diego Haro, D-7 Playing Program -Chairman