Fresno State Soccer Opportunities

Fresno State logoCoaches & Administrators,

I wanted to reach out to see if any of your teams would be interested in participating in some of our special youth team opportunities this season at our Fresno State soccer games!

We have three different opportunities that we offer; Ball Kids ( your players would stand on the sideline ready to pass a ball into play if needed), Field of Dreams (your team would stand in the starting line up with the Fresno State players as they are announced for starting line ups), and Team of the Game (Your team would have a mini scrimmage at halftime of the Fresno State soccer game).

Please let me know if this is something that your team would be interested, we would love to have your team out!

HOLLY CISNEROS  MARKETING INTERN  P (559) 278 4603  M (503) 956 4575