An Issue That Must Be Addressed –NOW..!

We, as coaches, know the demands of the game.  It is our responsibility to teach our players what the demands of the game are, and more importantly, show players in training how to cope with these demands.  Coaches must expect more from their players in training and in games.  Coaches must insist that the players continue to play when they are tired and sore.  Coaches must train players technically and tactically AFTER fitness training so the player understands how to play when tired…how to perform when tired. We must find ways to improve the intensity of our players.  child-puffing-form-heat-oct-2016

We, as coaches, must address this issue NOW!!  I addressed the issue  in my article “Intensity” that you will find at jay-martin

Dr. Jay Martin- Editor NSCAA ‘Soccer Journal’, National Soccer Coaches Association of American