This event is open to US Soccer registered teams in the Affiliated Leagues in CYSA/CalNorth District 7

DATE May 7th 2023.


LOCATION Location or Locations to be determined.


TEAMS Will be 5 to 10 players from teams registered in the Leagues of District 7.  Each player must have a 2022/23 seasonal player pass.  A Coach with a large roster may make 2 teams


AGE GROUPS Boys and Girls U10 through U19


TEAM APPLICATIONS Will be due at the District 7 Office by Friday April 21st 2023.


Application Forms available via the D7 Website:             

the D7 Office or your League President or Registrar.


Applications received after that date will be on an as needed basis.  Once accepted teams will put their players into the Got Sport Event


FEE $150 per team. 

A split team will require entry fees for each group of players.


PLAY Games will be of 2 x 10-minute halves.

Half time will be 5 minutes. 

3 games to play back-to-back when possible. 

Substitutions will be “on the fly”. 

At no time will there be more than 5 players from each team on the field of play. 


For the second round of play team brackets will be rearranged based on your prior results.


OFFICIALS There will be one Game Day Facilitator or Referee assigned to a match.


SPECIFIC RULES There will be no off-sides.

No direct free kicks

Time will only stop in case of serious injury