Keepie-Uppies, juggling, freestyle football…

You’ve heard it called by different names, but they all refer to the fun of keeping the ball up using almost every part of your body aside from your hands!

Last month we shared some tips on practicing ground moves in your house. This month we’re covering what we call freestyle football. It goes beyond counting how may touches you can get, freestyle football asks how many combos can you do and then how flawlessly can you connect them. If juggling was a game of checkers then freestyle football is like the chess. The combos are limited only by your imagination. Sure you have your basics such as the ATW (around the world) and HTW (hop the world), crossovers, etc. Then you have uppers, sit-downs, block moves, and more.

We’re going to share Azun’s tutorial on freestyle He’s the former freestyle champion and known around the world! Here are 10 beginner tricks to put you or your player on the path to some amazing ball control skills.


We’ll continue to share more and help put you on your path to ball mastery!

Coach Louie and the SISM Team