Field Play

How Are You Creating Recess Time?

We are strong and versatile and during these challenges you have options! We all have hurdles to training but we also have ways to overcome. Here in California we have had social distancing, home schooling has begun and recently poor air quality due to some of the largest fires in California history!

Our students need recess time throughout the day. If you’re looking for ideas for your young soccer players then check out these ground move skills. Ground moves are creative, we often do them to music, they’re an artistic outlet, and most of all they get our entire body involved from our head to our toes.

So enjoy these two videos for this month’s training tips!

100 Days of Street Soccer – Day 59 (click links to see the videos)

And an inspirational video from Keiran’s page!

So enjoy your ‘Recess Time’ between studies, until next time!

Coach Louie and the SISM team