Fall Soccer Season Has Started

We in the Playing Program, and probably many of you, are coming to terms with the new Gotsport system.

We’ve had some teething problems, for example:

  • Getting teams into the system and then into the event.
  • Having all teams, the schedule, and fields in the correct time zone.

It makes quite a difference when the system reverts to the Florida time zone unless we stipulate Pacific time in all places.

Luckily (so far), I have not heard that people turned up at the wrong time to play their games.

With that in mind, remember District 8 is hosting the CYSA Pumpkin festival   

This great event for Top Soccer is held on October 27th at Tracy Sports Complex in Tracy from 9 am – 1 pm.  If you have any kids that want to take part, then contact Carolynn Rafferty – tracytopsoccer@yahoo.com

The closing date for entries is October 15th, 2022.

All are welcome to attend and cheer on these top soccer teams.

District 7 is also looking to hold our District Cup again this year, so watch out for fliers and information on that.

Now that the Fall season is underway.  It’s a time to enjoy the cooler weather, enjoy our soccer, get out there, and have FUN!

I hope you all have a great Fall season both on and off the field.